Easy Garage Door Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The automatic garage door openers may be extremely useful as well as convenient. Still it can become a trouble for those who cannot use them in a proper way. Some tips and pointers are offered to help keep your door opener in tip top shape, as well as help you make the solution to fixing a malfunctioning one. Remember that all garages differ from each other as well as operate in many ways, so be sure to consult a professional for more help if it is necessary.

Instruction / Usage

In order to have perfectly well functioning door, it is necessary to maintain in a proper way its many moving parts. If you wish your door functions for years, be sure to use these four simple but effective aspects:

- Yearly Inspections: People say that the best and most effective way to solve the problem is to prevent it. It is necessary to inspect your door and electric motor for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Loose and worn hinges, tired springs, and wobbly nuts and bolts are some common issues that may arise. It is important to address any potential problems before they worsen and create additional, more complex problems.

- Paint and Stain: Keeping your garage door painted and stained in a proper way is not an easy task to do. The homeowners should realize that it includes both sides of your door - the inside and outside of your door. Remember that only painting the exterior door can weaken the paint through moisture, causing your door to warp.

- Lubrication: The many moving parts must be kept lubricated, especially it concerns the rollers and the hinges that allow the door to bend and move smoothly. It is necessary to apply a low viscosity, permeating oil such as WD-40, PlusGas, Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster, Mouse Milk, Unilease, GT85, Kroil, or CRC 5-56 at least once a year, more coventry direct.

- Watch the Door Tracks: In order to guide the rollers effectively it is necessary to keep the tracks which guide the door in proper alignment. If the track needs adjusting, loosen the support bolts and use a hammer and small wood block to return it to its correct position.

Troubleshooting and Repair

It is possible that some problems may arise in your garage door or opener. They may be caused because of their many parts and exposure weather. Usually the most common problems may be fixed very easily, but garage doors differ from each other, be sure to check your owner's manual to ensure proper repair.

It may happen that the door becomes difficult to open and close. It is considered to be one of the most common problems that can arise. This problem is caused because of the electric opener. If that is so, be sure to address your owner's manual. In order to check this all you have to do is to pull the release cord that often dangles below the opener to raise the door manually. If it works fine when you do this, then the problem is most likely with the electric opener. In a case, the door seems exceptionally heavy, then the spring tension could be the problem. Do not even try to adjust the spring tension yourself. Remember that it can be dangerous to adjust, as they are under extreme amounts of pressure. In that case you should without any doubts call a properly certificated repairman.

In a case your residence is fitted with a swing-up, one piece door that is sagging in the middle when it is raised, you or a repairman can install metal reinforcing rods across the center of the interior door.

For those homeowners whose door does not open completely but only opens 4 or 5 feet, it is worth to remember that the limit adjustment screw should be adjusted according with the owner's manual.

In a case, the door does not close entirely; the adjustment screw needs to be manipulated as well. Refer to your owner's manual for the placement of these screws on your model of opener.

It is possible to solve most of the problems with doors and openers relatively simply. All is need is few adjustments every few months, and can be prevented as well with simple maintenance. Garage doors can last more than 20 years in a case, the proper steps are taken. The garage door openers should last at least 10. Still it is important to make small steps like described above and then it can make a big difference.