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In the case of raw sugar, diet food of controversy

Advantages and disadvantages of the raw food diet

If you look at the raw material for food, eating, weight loss, health, or otherwise change any of the professionals and the drawbacks, whether or not. Dieter has many advantages and are generally good for you, but certain aspects could harm health and difficult to implement.

What are the benefits of the raw food diet primarily?

Raw foodists is inflexible to eat only raw food more affordable that you never imagined: provides instant energy to beating chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases by increasing the immune system and may be contributing to cancer and Crohn's disease. These are a few of them, dumping prevailed out!

You just go?

Some brave souls decided to change their diets and go completely raw foods 100% but to change the number of only 50% and 75% of their normal diet. See also how raw dairy products, eggs and eat raw meat products.

He eats raw food Cooked food to the general public better?

It argues that destroyed most of the vitamins and nutrients from the food and cooking food, raw materials, but to a much better idea for cooking saying that certain foods really better, cooking for the electronic interchange of data between the conversation.

The courts also advocates who claim that make it easier to digest food. It is true, but it is also true, cooking destroy some very valuable nutrients.

The answer must be somewhere in between!

The best is slow, in addition to a bunch of raw food and what you have and what you want. Health is an important factor, but no food to eat, except for the cold and sometimes it is not a standard in most of us can be bland feel. You can also easily slow fire steam, sauteed, grilled or fried food Revuelo, do more and make more attractive the digest.