Tips on Making Vintage Floor Lamps

To add a vintage look to your present lamp you can use a vintage lamp shade. Although many people consider vintage floor lamps to be old-fashioned there are those who are fond of things of this kind being placed in their homes. These homeowners use those products for two main reasons: in order to reinforce a current design scheme and attract guests' attention to the room's design. If your room is professionally designed, your guests will certainly wish to inspect it at different angles. Many modern manufacturers are still involved in production of vintage floor lamps, they are often inspired with new designs creating completely unique items.

Unfortunately, nowadays it can be rather difficult to find a desired design of a vintage floor lamp. So, some homeowners choose to make it on their own using the simplest materials for this project. In order to create a vintage floor lamp one needs to collect the necessary constituent parts like lamp columns, bases, and shades. Re-assembling these elements a completely new, vintage-styled floor lamp will be received.

Consider the following instructions on making a vintage floor lamp with your own hands.

1 Decide on the vintage era you want your future lamp to belong to and learn certain decorative nuances of this period of history. Some vintage eras are Art Deco, Arts and Crafts and Mid-Century. In our example for constructing a lamp you will need a column, a base, and a shade.

2 Look for antique, vintage, and architectural resale shops or junk stores to buy the desired column, lamp base, and shade at. Even though the condition of a lamp base may leave much to be desired, remember to clean and repaint it. The situation with a column is somewhat better. For instance, a rusty pyramid stepped base and column can be sanded, painted with good finish and paint to create a new look.

3 Buy a lamp kit for your vintage floor lamp. Usually, such a kit includes the cord, socket, and plug as well as a harp. The plug and lamp cord will be inserted into the column and taken out through the base bottom. The socket sits inside the top of the column. It's advised to check the length of the cord to ensure that it's long enough for the base and lamp column.

4 Place a pre-made lamp shade the size of which is your personal choice. Remember that the bottom diameter of the shade has to be no less than the lamp base. This bottom diameter is the best when it's minimum two inches larger than the lamp base but not bigger than six inches.

5 It's high time to have the lamp assembled with all the parts you have prepared, including the lamp kit, column, base, and shade. Put the base on an even surface, locate the lamp column into the opening on the base and have it properly tightened into the base.

6 Familiarize yourself with the assembling directions for the harp and lamp kit. In some cases, the harp must be assembled at the top of the column before placing the socket and cord there. A number of lamp kits allow the harp to be located over the socket. It is secured by being twisted into place. The cord will need to be located into the lamp column and taken out of the base bottom. It will allow the socket to stay inside the top of the column.

7 Place the necessary light bulb into the socket and install the shade to the lamp harp. Unscrew the top cap of the harp and place the shade over it. Further the top cap has to be replaced and twisted to secure the shade.

8 Finally, have the lamp plugged into a wall socket. Switch on the lamp and enjoy light!